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During the mid to late stages of pregnancy the body begins to secrete relaxin, a hormone that softens the ligaments throughout the body. This loosening of the joints allows the pelvic basin to open during childbirth. The side effect of relaxin is that all of joints in the body are more susceptible to misalignment, especially those in the lower back and pelvis. Pilates exercises to strengthen the “inner unit” can directly address this hyper mobility. Pilates uses breathing and gentle exercises to bring strength and awareness into the pelvic floor, multifidi and transverse abdominals. The combination of these three muscles creates stability and control in the low back and pelvis. Creating stability can avert pain and nerve related issues, such as sciatica, that are so common during pregnancy. If you are interested in prenatal Pilates in NYC you can contact us at Halle Clarke A boutique Pilates studio in NYC