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Pilates After Total Hip Replacement

Pilates After Total Hip Replacement

The are over 200,000 hip replacements a year with the majority being performed on people between the ages of 50-80. Hip replacements are recommended to relieve pain and decreased mobility in the hip often due to arthritis and other degenerative processes .

A total hip replacement involves replacing the femur head ( proximal end of … Read more

The Connection Between Low Back Pain and Weak Gluteals: Part 2

Low Back Pain and Weak Gluteals: Part 2  

Welcome to part II of a three part series about weakness in the gluteal muscles and the relationship to low back pain . In part I  I discussed what can mechanically happen in the body when the Gluteus Medius (a lateral gluteal muscle) presents weak. This blog outlines the imbalances that can Read more

Low back pain and Pilates

Low back Pain and the Gluteals

Clinical studies have shown that a majority of low back pain can be traced to weak and inhibited gluteal muscles . There are three gluteal muscles that make up the side and back of the hip and pelvic region: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The following blog describes how a dysfunctional gluteus … Read more

Strengthening the Gluteals 101

Strengthening the Gluteals 101

Keeping your gluteal muscles ( butt muscles) strong is an important element to creating healthy full body motions such as climbing stairs, getting out of a chair and most athletic activities. This short sequence will give you a great starting point to creating strong and limber gluteal muscles.

First you’ll want to stretch your quadriceps and … Read more

A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

A holistic approach to wellbeing in NYC; Pilates and Naturopathy

It’s no surprise that Pilates is on the rise – with a focus on efficient movement and core awareness, there’s a lot to love about this mind body fitness program. At the same time, Naturopathic medicine – a holistic and natural approach to healing – has become a welcome health … Read more

Pilates and Physical Therapy

Pilates And Physical Therapy: A Two-Part Approach

 Pilates and physical therapy. Two separate disciplines with different objectives, right?


In truth, Pilates and physical therapy (PT) have much in common – including a history rooted in building strength and maintaining mobility. Although the approaches may differ based on skill sets; pain free function and individual attention are two of many … Read more

Pilates and Acupuncture

A Match: The Powerful Connections Between Pilates and Acupuncture

 In recent years, holistic approaches to health have all seen a surge in popularity – and with good reason. More than just placebo effect, practices like acupuncture promise to have a measurable impact.

Simultaneously, Pilates has seen a resurgence in popularity – bolstered by its focus on core strength and balance.… Read more




Back pain whether because of injury or just improper posture can seriously interfere with a person’s quality of life. A herniated disk is a surprisingly common and challenging condition where one or more disks are pressing and thereby irritating nearby nerves. More and more doctors are prescribing therapeutic Pilates to manage this … Read more

Reformer Pilates in Soho NYC

The Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer is the primary piece of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. It is used in private sessions and small group settings alike.  Although the design has gone through some modern revisions the essence of the machine has remained the same. The reformer provides resistance for some 500 + Pilates exercises designed to coordinate and strengthen … Read more

Piriformis Syndrome and Sciatica- Part 1

This article is addressed to movement instructors but is also intended to be helpful to anyone seeking information about piriformis syndrome and sciatica.

The piriformis is an important and sometimes elusive , deep external rotator of the hip.


The sciatic nerve runs either through , above or below this muscle. When the piriformis becomes over facilitated (hyper tonic) it irritates … Read more

Pilates and Scoliosis in Soho NYC

Scoliosis is a medical condition involving sideways curvatures of the spine.  When looking at the spine from behind a scoliotic spine makes either an “S” or “C” shape instead of a straight vertical line. Scoliosis usually begins in adolescence but may also develop in adulthood. A diagnosis can be  confirmed by an X-ray that demonstrates lateral deviations of ten degrees … Read more

Balancing the Rib to Pelvis Cylinder – An Article for Pilates Instructors and Enthusiasts

Balancing the Rib to Pelvis Cylinder

The rib to pelvis cylinder is the myofascial cylinder that connects and relates the lower rib cage to the pelvis. This group of muscles include the quadratus lumborum, psoas, all 4 layers of the abdominals, latissimus dorsi , breathing diaphragm , pelvic floor as well as the thoracolombar fascia. When the rib cage is … Read more

Prenatal Pilates in Soho NYC

Prenatal Pilates

Pregnancy is a time of great physical change. Having an educated Pilates instructor to guide you through these times can be not only helpful but essential to avoiding injury and staying healthy.

Prenatal Pilates NYC soho

Prenatal Pilates during the first trimester

As with any exercise program it is always necessary to get clearance from your Dr. to exercise. There are not … Read more