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With so many Pilates Studios popping up how do you know which one is best for you? And how do you know which ones have the top Pilates instructors in NYC .
I have been the owner of Mongoose Bodyworks in Soho NYC for almost 20 years. A big part of my job is hiring Pilates instructors whom I think will be best at their job. First I pre-interview the instructor on the telephone . This initial conversation tells me a lot. Are they mature, confident professional? If that goes well we meet in person . I spend another half hour asking them about their background, goals and availability. It’s also an important time for them to ask me questions . My studio has to be a good fit for them as well. Now I am half way to determining if this teacher has the potential to be a top Pilates instructor.
The next step is by far the most important. I have them give me a lesson. I have done this for so long I usually know within the first ten minutes if they are right for Mongoose Bodyworks. I look for how they set up exercises, and if they cue movements clearly and with detail.  I ask myself do they touch in a way that informs or distracts , does the progression of exercises make sense and flow from one to the next, are they teaching a session tailored to what they see in me or going by rote?
The answers to these questions predict if they can work with a wide range of bodies all with individual needs. Many of our clientele are; recovering from injury, working to maintain pain free with scoliosis, pre or post natal or just have a unique body that requires unique attention. And whomever I hire needs to be able to adapt to this  vast array of human  variation. And if they can , I can almost guarantee they will soon develop into a  top Pilates Instructor.

Halle Clarke

2nd Generation Master Pilates Instructor

To experience some of the finest hand picked Pilates instructors in NYC  email us at or call 212 431 8377.

Mongoose Bodyworks 594 Broadway #904 ( between Houston and Prince in Soho) NYC 10012