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Wonderful Instructors

7 Oct 2016

I have done two Pilates sessions here (in Miami) and you really cannot compare with Mongoose. You guys have something really special there! Everyone is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and are wonderful instructors.

Mongoose is overall amazing

5 Jan 2013

All of the instructors at this Pilates Studio are very knowledgeable and are motivated to help me achieve my goals. I have done both private and group Pilates classes and i have never had a bad session.

I always come out feeling great and craving my next visit . Overall, best Pilates experience in New York City SA.

I love Mongoose Bodyworks

29 Oct 2012

I love, love, love Mongoose Bodyworks and rave about this studio all the time. I sought Pilates instruction after being treated for psoas tendinitis at the recommendation of my chiropractor. The instructors at Mongoose Bodyworks are incredibly knowledgeable and have taught me exercises in pelvic stabilization and core strengthening that have been so beneficial in the management of my injury. I have been under private instruction with this Pilates Studio for over a year and intend to continue to make them an integral part of my health maintenance.


Best Pilates Experience In The City

22 Oct 2012

Mongoose is overall amazing. All of the instructors at the studio are very knowledgeable in Pilates instruction and are motivated to help me achieve my goals. I have done both private and group classes and have never had a bad session. I always come out feeling great and craving my next visit! Halle, the owner, is also amazing with helping me schedule my classes. She tries to fit me in whenever I request and is very responsive. Overall, best Pilates experience in the city!

Amazing And Personalized Pilates

18 Apr 2012

I had never done Pilates on any sort of equipment before. I have been to the group class (if it can even be called this as it only has max 4 people) many times and the instructor made me feel completely comfortable. She has knowledge & flexibility. She customized every single person’s workout! Her personality is super positive and her knowledge of the human body is top notch. I have recommended most of my coworkers to try it!

Finally Some “Me” Time

12 Mar 2012

I recently started going to Mongoose Bodyworks in Soho. I live on Long Island, and I work (too many hours) in the city. I need a chiropractor and a massage everyday!

Welcoming To Newbies

5 Oct 2011

I had never tried Pilates before I walked into Mongoose’s charming downtown studio, and it was the best introduction I could have hoped for. I’ve worked with several of the instructors now, and they are all excellent. Each one is observant and attentive and makes me feel at ease while giving me a great workout. With instructors this skilled, I would not consider going anywhere else for Pilates! The studio itself is the perfect size, with a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. I instantly felt at home, and the Soho location is so convenient – very close to several subway lines.

Fantastic Pilates Studio In Soho

21 Sep 2011

I’ve been going to Mongoose since 2001, and I love this place. The instructors are amazing. They are skilled, patient, and challenging. They have been trained to both teach you Pilates and to pay attention to what your body needs (even when you don’t know). Some of the benefits are well known: that you will be stronger and more flexible, standing taller and leaner. But there are other things, too, like those hunched shoulders will feel (and look) better, your fast-walking New York City legs and feet will walk faster and more healthily, and you will actually breathe property (at least while you are taking your class).

Best Pilates

30 Mar 2011

I am yoga instructor and trek all over the city for the best instructors and classes of yoga and Pilates. I just started getting into Pilates and Halle could not have been a better teacher. Not only is the studio clean, spacious and quiet – but it is right in the heart of Soho, so it is in a great neighborhood. I had so much fun in her classes and learned so much as well. Halle is patient, sweet, smart, and very informative. Can’t wait to go back soon!

Great Relief

28 Jan 2011

The moment you walk into this Soho studio, you begin to feel a sense of relief. The serenity and calmness that is present sets the tone for healing. Halle Clarke is a petite woman who has an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise. When I began working with her, I had a severe lower back, hip and pelvic situation. She gave me exercises to release as well as to strengthen the muscles involved. After a few sessions I began to feel relief, and continue to improve under her guidance. She has provided me with a new awareness of my body. I encourage anyone in need of bodywork to take advantage of what Mongoose Bodyworks has to offer.